Friday, January 2, 2009

Top Ten Photos of 2008

So here I am again - trying to be a "good blogger"... I decided that it would be fun to post my favorite shots from 2008. So (insert your mental drum roll here, please!) here are my own person top ten favorites for 2008:
#10: This is Betty (in front) and Frank in my very favorite chair.
#9: Frank was going to town on this bully stick and I just managed to catch this :-)
#8: Betty - I love this photo of her in the snow. I took some liberties with in in CS3 and erased all the footprints around here save the one for her front right foot. I just love the shadow.
#7: I am not sure why, but I just love this photo of Frank rolling in the grass. It's just fun.
#6: Robin trying to sleep in the grass. I say trying, because he originally had his collar on, then I took it off because I didn't want it in the photo, then I got down on my stomach and got in his face for this photo. Obviously, the camera doesn't bother him (nothing really does). #5: This profile of Betty is one of my very favorite shots of her. Period. Just simple and cool. #4: So I am a little twisted - I think they have cute butts. And they were lined up so nice.
#3: Robin laying in the back yard - he just looks so thoughtful.
#2: Seriously - who doesn't love a dog in a hat? OK - Frank has a few items of clothing and he likes to play dress up. He humors me, and I will continue to dress him up as long as he plays along. Don't be surprised if you see a post just from Frank some day.
#1: The 2008 Christmas photo. I love, love, love this shot!! I had it blown up to 11x14
and it's hanging in my lab at work.


aunt25 said...

lol, totally love the butt photo!

Carol said...

Great shots. And they do have cute butts. But I love the hat!


Got Syzygy said...

Dog butts are fun...but are those Hackles on Betty's back?? Look out Milkman!! Do they even have milkmen anymore??