Saturday, January 17, 2009


Brian and I are going to (as soon as he is back to normal after his back surgery) try to get a studio set up in our house to take some portraits of the kids. We got the backdrops set up and snapped a quick shot of them before the surgery. They are sitting on the ottoman from my big chair - I don't like the way that looks, but it was just a quick test shot. They are so cute and innocent, but you should see some of the faces they make!!
Ok - Frank is rather cute in this shot - he totally LOVES having Betty clean his ears.
Betty is totally zoning in on Frank's chewie and he is pretending like he doesn't know, but he so knows... And gives her the "ugly face":
Of course, he was easily distracted and Betty got the chewie - and is a little worried that I might decide I need a little "chewie time".
Robin never makes "ugly face", but he sure knows how to roll his eyes and give that "you're crusin' for a brusin'" look. (that's his bowl that Frank is checking out!!)
Until next time... Toodles!!


aunt25 said...

those are cool pics!

Got Syzygy said...

I like the set up shot!! Very cute!! Betty is a wise one, totally waiting for that shiny object to distract Frank!! Way to go BETS!!! Robin, what a nice boy, too bad those little dogs take TOTAL advantage! UGH!!! Darn little dogs anyway!

Carol said...

Okay these kids are way to cute. So much personality. Great pictures. I love the chewie pics.

Mel said...

Awesome pics, great editorial. Nice web layout.