Thursday, June 24, 2010

I have had a few folks ask me if my dogs notice the fish. My tank is in the bedroom and almost right next to the bed, so just at nice eye level for the dogs. They've all looked a bit, but Vinnie (of course!) seems to pay the most attention.

The white-ish fish that you see darting around (they are feeding) are my Bosemani Rainbows. They'll get color when they are older. The little bottom feeders are Black Sail Cory Cats (the big ones with the spots), Emerald Green Cory Cats (the baby green ones) and Otos (the skinny ones with the black stripes). They are all after an algae wafer.

Monday, June 21, 2010


I love my fishies - they are fun to watch and are very peaceful. I decided that I hated the "fake" look and wanted to go with real plants and driftwood. This is the before (before the fish were even in the tank - they were in another tank).
And this is what I have so far. I have been buying a few plants here and there (real plants are much cheaper than plastic/fabric and they will spread - as long as they are happy).

I am sure some things will need "re-arranging" as the plants grow and spread. They don't come with little tags like the perennials (no idea on height and width). The fish really seem to like the new plants and driftwood. They seem much more relaxed and like to play in the plants. This is one of my Otos on a Crypt plant:

My tank inhabitants are:

7 Bosemani Rainbows (I suspect one is actually a Turquoise Rainbow)

6 Black Sail Cory Cats

6 Emerald Cory Cats

6 Otos (they eat algae - good fishy!)

One grumpy Dwarf Gourami

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ames Video

Frank was such a good boy this weekend and went 3/4 - Here are a couple of his runs - the jww run was 4.09 yps, which is REALLY good for Frank!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Plants are finally in!

The plants are FINALLY in. I have had them sitting in their "positions" in front of the porch for a couple weeks now - trying to decide if they will like their new home. Well, it looks like there is enough sun and shade for everyone involved. Of course it started to rain when Brian and I were planting... oh well. So here is a little before/after video... I love when they do those on TV. Next year, this will really look nice and filled out!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Did a quick training session with Vinnie tonight. His teeter is really coming along nicely - it needs to go up one more to get to regulation height. The second teeter is my favorite - nice speed almost to the end. He is doing well on the dogwalk. I only have a "little" dogwalk - eighteen feet, so we'll see how he does on a big boy dog walk in class.