Thursday, June 24, 2010

I have had a few folks ask me if my dogs notice the fish. My tank is in the bedroom and almost right next to the bed, so just at nice eye level for the dogs. They've all looked a bit, but Vinnie (of course!) seems to pay the most attention.

The white-ish fish that you see darting around (they are feeding) are my Bosemani Rainbows. They'll get color when they are older. The little bottom feeders are Black Sail Cory Cats (the big ones with the spots), Emerald Green Cory Cats (the baby green ones) and Otos (the skinny ones with the black stripes). They are all after an algae wafer.


tervnmal said...

That is too funny. Your fish may need therapy. Vinnie is like the little girl in Finding Nemo. ( :

Got Syzygy said...

JL!!! Where's a good ole' fishing pole when you need one????