Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hotel Time...

Tammy and I decided (ok I really didn't want to set up my tent for one night in that crappy weather!!) to get a hotel room and ended up at a "remodeled" Motel 6. They changed up their color scheme a bit and put in laminate floors. Really smart idea for the floors. I am sure they are much easier to clean. There wasn't much room to potty the dogs, but it was cheap and clean. Should I mention the enormous Great Dane that arrived in a TINY sports car? I wonder where he pottied??? Vinnie and Seeker enjoyed getting a room too!!

Monday, September 5, 2011


Saturday and Sunday, Tammy and I were in Rochester, Minnesota for an agility trial. We braved the wind and rain (ok... we hid out in her van while it was poring down and got a hotel room instead of camping). I didn't run a dog, but did get some photos. These are a few of my favorites (the rest of the photos can be seen at