Sunday, June 17, 2012


Vinnie and I went to the ICDOC trial in Davenport this weekend. He only ran in jumpers both days as I have pulled him from standard for the summer to reteach his contact performance. It was a great trial and fun to visit with everyone and watch a bunch of really great runs! Vinnie was a little rock star. He held his start line position both runs and didn't move one little foot - good boy! The icing on the cake was two clean runs. I see areas I could definitely improve, but overall, I think we had pretty good teamwork this weekend!

Carolyn was kind enough to video us with my iPad this weekend and I downloaded the iMovie app to give their editing program a try. It's a neat program, but is going to take some getting used to!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Nose Work

Frank and I finally got a chance to go to the high school and elementary schools to do some Nose Work this weekend. I have been eyeing the bleachers at the high school and the playground equipment at the elementary school for ages. It rained this afternoon and I figured right after it finished would be the perfect time to go since all the kids would still be inside. I was right and we had a good time. Frank really enjoyed searching the bleacher area - you can see his tail is up and he is focused on his job. When we headed across the street to the elementary school, it started to rain and there was one little bit of thunder. Frank was a bit concerned about getting his hair wet :-)