Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Can we make a return???

Hello... it's us... you know... the "adult" dogs. We'd like to return an item that our mom purchased. It's been slightly used, but is still in great condition - it shows NO SIGNS OF QUITTING... EVER.
Looks can be deceiving... You can see he looks all cute and fluffy, but...

Let us show you some of his finer moves - as demonstrated here by Robin (who seems to be the target of said "item"):

That's gonna leave a mark!

Good thing the old man can still move!

Can you say chiropractor?

Puppy Power!!!!

Good thing the "item" is loosing baby teeth!!

On the plus side... Robin is getting a lot of exercise and he leaves us (Frank and Betty) alone!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sunday, July 19, 2009

So you think YOU can dance?

This is Vinnie's version of "So You Think You Can Dance?" or "How to make the old dog play". Take your pick. Speaking of picking. That's exactly how you get an old dog to play - you pick, pick, pick at him until he can't stand it anymore... First you start with the invitation:

maybe just a little nibble...

pick, pick...

Then, maybe a driveby on the old dog that THOUGHT you were done picking at him...

pick, pick... he's getting a little response now!

Care to dance big fella?

We've got movement (and irritation!)...

and a little annoyance! Game on you little twerp! The old man still has some speed on him (notice the front foot out to try to trip Vinnie - clever old dog!)

C'mon... get up... let's do it again!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Grooming... I am NOT a groomer, but I want my boy to look good, so I try. I decided before the Ames trial that he should be "short and sporty". Mistake. I cut off all that pretty neck hair and ruined that nice outline that Karin had on him. Ah well... live and learn. So now I am trying to grow out Vinnie's do. I shortened his rear a bit and am kinda aiming for a German trim. So now you are all scratching your heads wondering what the heck that is, right? Here you go - this was taken at a grooming competition (unsure of the photographer, but love the cut!):Vinnie's cut won't be quite as long and his tail will be different, but you get the idea. Anyway, I bathed and groomed Vinnie last night. He still needs a ton of hair up around his neck and on his rear legs.
I emailed some photos to his breeder, Karin, and got some good ideas from her for next week's grooming session.
Vinnie and I are getting better each week!
Now... just so you don't think this was actually a semi serious post, here is Vinnie doing one of his tricks: "Be a pony" - kinda cute.
When Vin grows up, he wants to be a Portuguese Water Dog. He's been very clear on this. He even said he'll bring his own fish. His hero is Mad Dog and he wants his hair cut like her - I told him he has to wait until next summer when he is a little more grown up.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Holl-ee Rollers Batman!

The Holl-ee Roller is the new favorite toy around here. Everyone loves them. They are a soft rubber ball with holes - kind of like a soft whiffle ball. I put food in them (bananas, biscuits, etc...) and it keeps the guys busy. They all have their different methods for retrieving treats. Betty likes to kick hers around and hope something falls out.

Robin pokes his and hopes something falls out.
Frank has the best method - he squishes the ball and crunches the cookies to make them come out. Works every time.
Vinnie doesn't really have a method. He just wants you to throw it or play tug with it.
Here you have a Holl-ee Roller conference. The boys need to learn... you don't mess with a girl's Holl-ee Roller!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

I met Sheryl and Pat at the fireworks last night and got a few good shots - these are a few of my favorites - you can see the rest here:

Friday, July 3, 2009

Puppy Crack!

Tracy came into the clinic today and dropped off a puppy present for Vinnie. How nice is that!!! I got off at noon and Vinnie and I headed home. After letting everyone out, I showed Vinnie his fun new toys... a cool tuggy tiger, some cookies, a ball (orange, of course!!) and this ultra cool dental dinosaur... otherwise known as "puppy crack". Who knew? Vinnie rolled on it....
chewed it...
Showed it his new big boy teeth...
and he loved it...
I told him to "just say no", but this was the response I got. Kids...

Thanks Auntie Tracy and Auntie Paula!!!