Monday, July 6, 2009

Holl-ee Rollers Batman!

The Holl-ee Roller is the new favorite toy around here. Everyone loves them. They are a soft rubber ball with holes - kind of like a soft whiffle ball. I put food in them (bananas, biscuits, etc...) and it keeps the guys busy. They all have their different methods for retrieving treats. Betty likes to kick hers around and hope something falls out.

Robin pokes his and hopes something falls out.
Frank has the best method - he squishes the ball and crunches the cookies to make them come out. Works every time.
Vinnie doesn't really have a method. He just wants you to throw it or play tug with it.
Here you have a Holl-ee Roller conference. The boys need to learn... you don't mess with a girl's Holl-ee Roller!


tervnmal said...

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Got Syzygy said...

Looks like Betty is the 'take over committee'!!! Isn't that "v is for Vinnie"'s ball???