Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Can we make a return???

Hello... it's us... you know... the "adult" dogs. We'd like to return an item that our mom purchased. It's been slightly used, but is still in great condition - it shows NO SIGNS OF QUITTING... EVER.
Looks can be deceiving... You can see he looks all cute and fluffy, but...

Let us show you some of his finer moves - as demonstrated here by Robin (who seems to be the target of said "item"):

That's gonna leave a mark!

Good thing the old man can still move!

Can you say chiropractor?

Puppy Power!!!!

Good thing the "item" is loosing baby teeth!!

On the plus side... Robin is getting a lot of exercise and he leaves us (Frank and Betty) alone!


Smooth Sailin Agility said...

OMG!!! He is so FUNNY!!!! He can come live here!! Seeker would LOVE him!! Okay, maybe not the biten in the arse part, but there's a chance he might be able to out run him. Robin is so patient!! Luckily Vinnie will soon have Rylee to play with!

Anonymous said...

Yep, we need to get that play date set up. It will give Robin a break. He is one patient buddy. Fun to see all the interaction and love Frank and Betty's expressions!

aunt25 said...

lol, cute pics!