Friday, May 27, 2011

Have a safe and fun Memorial Day Weekend!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Not quite finished...

The perennial garden is getting done, slowly but surely. I have gotten a bunch of Hostas from Tammy and am going to get more this weekend from Dad. In the meantime, I have gotten a few fill in plants here and there to give the shade gardens some color. I edged it in some cheap pound in plastic edging to keep the mulch in place until we can put in landscaping stone to match the front porch.

This is the before (ok... midway, when I remembered to take a picture):

And the after - I still need to put three to four more Hostas in here to fill it in.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Thanks Uncle Jeff!!!

Vinnie wants to send a big Thank You to his favorite Uncle Jeff for his new weave poles!! Aren't they pretty??? We even got blue poles to match the rest of the equipment.

Of course, Vinnie had to try them out right away:

Sunday, May 1, 2011


I have not done any planting at this house other than the annuals I put at the front of the house. I did put some perennials in last fall in front of the porch - we'll see if those come up. This weekend, however, was the weekend to plant!! I went out to Tammy's Friday and we (ok... she did all the digging, but I'm pretty good at splitting!) got a bunch of Hostas dug up and split. I want to put Hostas under the edge of the new deck. It's the perfect place - as long as Vinnie doesn't realize they are there and start excavating!

One of Tammy's Hostas - very happy to be a "town Hosta" out of the wind!
I am starting a shade garden up front where the corner of the porch meets the house. I have a few pots for annuals and planted three of the "Tammy Hostas" in that area. Today I took a little trip to Menard's for gloves (tore a hole in my other pair) and wandered into the plant area and three plants jumped in my cart (there were spice drops that jumped into my cart too - it can happen!).

I got a Columbine (I think it's going to be purple-ish), a Forget-Me-Not and a very cute little baby Hosta with very cute little leaves (it didn't have to work too hard to jump in my cart - it's adorable).

This is the Columbine: