Sunday, December 18, 2011

New pictures

It seems like forever since I've gone out and taken pictures of Vinnie. I cut all his hair off in September and hated it the minute I did it. Good thing Vinnie's hair grows FAST! The continental is back and I do love him in this cut. Vinnie got a bath and a shave this morning, so we had to go out for some pictures since the sun was actually out! Winter is coming, but we're going to enjoy this while we can.

Vinnie with all his "big hair" - no bands:

A little more presentable with bright neon bands:

Vinnie got some awesome pumpkin treats and an Orbee ball in the doggy gift exchange last night at the party. He used to have an Orbee ball, but somehow, we've lost it. It was bright pink and blue and I'm not sure how we could have lost something that bright. This one actually glows in the dark!! No losing it! Thanks Tammy!!
This is just sooooo Vinnie:

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Happy ICDOC!!!

Happy Birthday! Happy PACH! Happy MACH!

If you had something to celebrate this weekend, we had a cake for the occasion!!

We celebrated Frank's PACH and PAX2 with pink champagne cake:

We celebrated Punkin's MACH2 with a white/chocolate mix:
We celebrated Don's birthday with pink champagne:
and a bar for everyone to sign for the birthday boy!!
(seriously, does he look like he's going to be 80 next week???)
We had to have a "special cake table". Michele even got us 600 forks!!! That's a lot of forks and a lot of eating cake. There were more cakes on Saturday and Sunday. I have never seen so many cakes at one trial. It was fabulous!!

We had a photographer at the trial and I got a whole disk of Vinnie photos - I never get shots of my own dogs running, so it was awesome!!

I was so happy with Vinnie this weekend. We both had a great time. There were NO hot laps!! He didn't Q Friday or Saturday, but saved two Qs for Sunday finishing his Novice standard and Open jumpers titles.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

For a good laugh...

For a good laugh on a cold, rainy, December day...