Sunday, December 11, 2011

Happy ICDOC!!!

Happy Birthday! Happy PACH! Happy MACH!

If you had something to celebrate this weekend, we had a cake for the occasion!!

We celebrated Frank's PACH and PAX2 with pink champagne cake:

We celebrated Punkin's MACH2 with a white/chocolate mix:
We celebrated Don's birthday with pink champagne:
and a bar for everyone to sign for the birthday boy!!
(seriously, does he look like he's going to be 80 next week???)
We had to have a "special cake table". Michele even got us 600 forks!!! That's a lot of forks and a lot of eating cake. There were more cakes on Saturday and Sunday. I have never seen so many cakes at one trial. It was fabulous!!

We had a photographer at the trial and I got a whole disk of Vinnie photos - I never get shots of my own dogs running, so it was awesome!!

I was so happy with Vinnie this weekend. We both had a great time. There were NO hot laps!! He didn't Q Friday or Saturday, but saved two Qs for Sunday finishing his Novice standard and Open jumpers titles.


Shenna Lemche AKA Project Leader said...

CAAAAAAaake!!!! Yum! Pink champagne? Can you send a piece up here? Sounds like an awesome weekend. (ps Go Vinnie!)

fan23 said...

Such a good boy. Congrats on the titles - I didn't know that! Hard to keep track of two rings. Thanks for posting the videos because I didn't see all your runs.
Great job!

Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

Congrats on the new titles!

He definitely doesn't look 80. I'd have thought closer to 65. That's very cool :)

tervnmal said...

What a weekend - although I'm having cake withdrawal today.

Good job, Vinnie!

And I won the super cool blanket you donated to the raffle!

Quick, somebody do something fabulous so we can have more cake at the next trial!