Sunday, December 18, 2011

New pictures

It seems like forever since I've gone out and taken pictures of Vinnie. I cut all his hair off in September and hated it the minute I did it. Good thing Vinnie's hair grows FAST! The continental is back and I do love him in this cut. Vinnie got a bath and a shave this morning, so we had to go out for some pictures since the sun was actually out! Winter is coming, but we're going to enjoy this while we can.

Vinnie with all his "big hair" - no bands:

A little more presentable with bright neon bands:

Vinnie got some awesome pumpkin treats and an Orbee ball in the doggy gift exchange last night at the party. He used to have an Orbee ball, but somehow, we've lost it. It was bright pink and blue and I'm not sure how we could have lost something that bright. This one actually glows in the dark!! No losing it! Thanks Tammy!!
This is just sooooo Vinnie:


tervnmal said...

Love the poodle horns. He looks stunning, as always.

Any deforestation on the Orbee ball yet?

Smooth Sailin Agility said...

He looks AWESOME!!! Hey...that ball glows in the dark you know!!