Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Unknown Weasel - Episode Three

In this episode, our heroine (the Unknown Weasel) attempts to complete another double Q and is totally thwarted by her handler. Much to her disgust, the UW is continually "pushed" by said handler. As is demonstrated on multiple occasions, one does NOT "push" the UW. The UW can only assume that the handler is insane as the definition of insanity is: "doing the same behavior over and over and expecting different results". Our handler WILL learn her lesson... eventually!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Unknown Weasel... part II

The very pretty Unknown Weasel:

Well, the Unknown Weasel and I have improved our communication and we did a lot better today!! Now, we're still a little confused on the whole "stay" issue - she thinks it means sit there and look pretty. I think it means stay there and then COME when I call you. No big deal - I'd rather have the start line stay thankyouverymuch!! Lesson for the day - I need to run with more INTENT and the UW will run with more intent and less bouncing!! We'll try for that tomorrow.

Unfortunately, YouTube doesn't like me using this music, so I'll look for something else... In the meantime - here is the video without music:

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Unknown Weasel

Ok... maybe not "unknown" so much as un-run. Betty has been out of the ring for about two years. I wanted to concentrate on getting Frank's PAX and it was easier to focus on one dog. Plus, Betty is a bit... well... easily distracted. She has been known to visit judges (she's a bit more social than Frank!). Now that Frank has his PAX, I decided to enter Betty in a three day trial. I ran her a bit over the summer at home and got her on some equipment last week to brush off the cobwebs. I was not expecting a whole lot this weekend - I mostly wanted the two of us to start together and finish together and have a little fun in between. Day one has exceeded my expectations and taught me some lessons. The unknown weasel moves a LOT faster than Frank - time to put on the running shoes. There are some things that I can expect of Frank that I canNOT expect of the unknown weasel (ie... my little screw up in standard that cost us the leg). Oh well - we had fun!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Vinnie's first fun match...

4RK9's was having a fun match this morning - eight minutes in the ring for five bucks ($1 for additional runs) - can't beat that with a stick, so Vinnie and I got up early this morning. OK - I got up early - getting him out of bed in the morning is like having a teenage boy. He lays there like a limp noodle grunting and groaning about having to get out of bed. If you know him, you would not think he's that way, but wow - get out of bed already!!

He was a very good boy at the fun match. He needs fun matches to get used to all the distractions - he likes to look at and touch everything (butterfly... shiny object!!). Kathy Davidson set up a couple of nice little novice Rally courses for us (Thanks Kathy!!) and Auntie Rilda taped us on the second one.

He is now taking an afternoon nap... I guess fun matches are exhausting!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Frank PAX

Back on December 10th, Frank finished his PAX. I'm awfully proud of the little guy. He is very brave (he finds all those crowds of people and noises pretty frightening). My friends were VERY kind and chipped in to buy me one of those really neat blankets that you have made with your picture on it. I decided to take a photo of Frank at home (where he would be comfortable and relaxed) with his PAX bar and ribbon. As fate would have it, Frank's PAX certificate arrived in the mail today (I was getting a little nervous - the AKC had him sitting at 19 legs for a loooooong time!). Here are a few of the shots that I am considering for the blanket (any votes?):