Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Unknown Weasel... part II

The very pretty Unknown Weasel:

Well, the Unknown Weasel and I have improved our communication and we did a lot better today!! Now, we're still a little confused on the whole "stay" issue - she thinks it means sit there and look pretty. I think it means stay there and then COME when I call you. No big deal - I'd rather have the start line stay thankyouverymuch!! Lesson for the day - I need to run with more INTENT and the UW will run with more intent and less bouncing!! We'll try for that tomorrow.

Unfortunately, YouTube doesn't like me using this music, so I'll look for something else... In the meantime - here is the video without music:


Anonymous said...

She was awesome again today. Good little "UW"!

Noreen said...

Very nice runs! One of my IGs does a great start line standing stay...and stays....and stays....and stays! I think it may be demotivating for her. How do you get such good motivation? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I run three IGs...and I LOVE IG agility videos!

Noreen in TN