Friday, January 28, 2011

The Unknown Weasel

Ok... maybe not "unknown" so much as un-run. Betty has been out of the ring for about two years. I wanted to concentrate on getting Frank's PAX and it was easier to focus on one dog. Plus, Betty is a bit... well... easily distracted. She has been known to visit judges (she's a bit more social than Frank!). Now that Frank has his PAX, I decided to enter Betty in a three day trial. I ran her a bit over the summer at home and got her on some equipment last week to brush off the cobwebs. I was not expecting a whole lot this weekend - I mostly wanted the two of us to start together and finish together and have a little fun in between. Day one has exceeded my expectations and taught me some lessons. The unknown weasel moves a LOT faster than Frank - time to put on the running shoes. There are some things that I can expect of Frank that I canNOT expect of the unknown weasel (ie... my little screw up in standard that cost us the leg). Oh well - we had fun!!

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Anonymous said...

She was smokin'!!! It's gonna be another great ride!