Thursday, November 26, 2009

Getting the boot...

Happy Thanksgiving!

I was rooting around in the hard drive and came across some videos... fun fun fun. This was taken May 16th... four days after Vinnie arrived. I should have known that kid would be trouble. LOL. He still LOVES this pair of boots. I love them too - they are LL Bean's storm chaser clogs. I keep them by the back door to wear outside. I have to keep them out of his reach. He never hurts them - just likes to chew on the leather part.

This photo was taken two months later... stinkin' adorable.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

For Martha...

The Un-Brown dog is NOT obeed-gent!

I was organizing totes in the basement and found Robin's scent articles, gloves and dumbbells. Hmmm... wonder what the un-brown dog would do with a dumbbell?

He would do this:

and this:

He really wasn't naughty... he did a whole lot of this:
(looks like a pretty good fit!)

I think he might like some obeed-gence!

Two weeks!!!!

Two weeks from tomorrow New Moon comes out!!!!