Sunday, May 1, 2011


I have not done any planting at this house other than the annuals I put at the front of the house. I did put some perennials in last fall in front of the porch - we'll see if those come up. This weekend, however, was the weekend to plant!! I went out to Tammy's Friday and we (ok... she did all the digging, but I'm pretty good at splitting!) got a bunch of Hostas dug up and split. I want to put Hostas under the edge of the new deck. It's the perfect place - as long as Vinnie doesn't realize they are there and start excavating!

One of Tammy's Hostas - very happy to be a "town Hosta" out of the wind!
I am starting a shade garden up front where the corner of the porch meets the house. I have a few pots for annuals and planted three of the "Tammy Hostas" in that area. Today I took a little trip to Menard's for gloves (tore a hole in my other pair) and wandered into the plant area and three plants jumped in my cart (there were spice drops that jumped into my cart too - it can happen!).

I got a Columbine (I think it's going to be purple-ish), a Forget-Me-Not and a very cute little baby Hosta with very cute little leaves (it didn't have to work too hard to jump in my cart - it's adorable).

This is the Columbine:


tervnmal said...

Ooooh, must visit Mennards, home of the leaping plants!

Maybe you could create a "poodle garden" so Vinnie could have his own little place to excavate . . . every dog needs a mud spot! Or not.

Smooth Sailin Agility said...

Good JOB YOU!!! Anyone else need any Hosta or Sedum!!! SERIOUSLY!!!

Marcia said...

You will have a gorgeous garden in no time...if it would just please warm up! I'm digging, planting and praying for sun...petunias in, tithonia going in next week...all perennials are up...must kill bindweed!