Friday, January 30, 2009

New Coats!!

My kids wear coats during the winter and when it's cold in the fall or spring... oh... ok - they wear coats as long as it's not blazing hot outside! I am very lucky to have a talented seamstress not too far from my house. I pick out the fabric and supplies and take them to her house and she calls me when the coats are done. I have always done solid color coats for my guys, but a few weeks ago, I got a wild hair and decided that they needed bright patterned coats. Kathy (my seamstress) wanted photos for her records and we really needed to play a bit with the studio equipment, so here are the results. Robin declined to play along - he's a bit of an "Eeyore" in front of the camera sometimes, but his coat is very pretty too - red and blue stars on a blue background. Frank and Betty, on the other hand, see the camera and instantly ooze cuteness. So here's Frank:
and Betty: