Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Trip to the Zoo!!

I got to go to the zoo!!! I can't remember the last time I went to the zoo. Tammy was able to take a guest for a trip her employer was sponsoring. We had an awesome time! So this is my partner in crime... I wonder what that little girl was thinking?
And just to prove it... Tammy WILL stick her finger where it doesn't belong!!
These are a few of my favorite shots from the zoo. This is a Serval. They were very cute and not nearly as big as I thought they would be - probably about the size of a medium sized dog. I was really happy how this shot turned out - I was shooting through a fence.
The baby swans are the poster children for cuteness!!
The giraffe are awesome. This was the only male and he was so photogenic and funny.
This is a ring tailed lemur. They look like a very exotic raccoon. I love their tails. This one was shot through a fence too.
The lions were totally crashed on their rock in the sun. Lazy kitties. This was another lucky shot too. The lioness was facing the inside viewing area and I had to shoot through the glass (and everyone's sticky little fingerprints! Ick!!)


Irene Tan aka Scrapperlicious said...

OMG!!! Stunning shots!!! I love all of them!! The animals shots looks liked they're from a calendar or postcards....just amazing!!

~Ane~ said...

oh these are so cute and funny!! Amazing shots!! Love the one with the finger and fish;) Great shot!

Jane said...

oh wow...you got some really nice shots from the zoo trip!!!! So glad you had fun!!

Sandie Dunn said...

These wild life photos are so cool! I wishe we had a zoo. I really like the giraffe and the lion... oh, and the other little guy above the lion - no idea what he is, but he's adorable! Great shots! I really like the detail and colors! Turned out awesome!

tonya said...

Your photos are so amazing!

dragonflys said...

oh wow cool shot's i love the one of you friend best too funny