Saturday, June 21, 2008


Brian and I went camping this week in Des Moines. We have been camping several times at Saylorville - it's a gorgeous place. Well, Des Moines has had a lot of flooding too. These two pictures are our regular campsite - we have never camped anywhere else in this park other than this site. We drove down to see how the site looked, and this is what greeted us. Usually, we would drive down this hill (yes, there really is a hill here!) and around to the other side of the campground. Our regular site is actually about a quarter of a mile from the edge of the lake. Now, it's about 30 feet! Yikes! There is normally a little potty shed thingy just down at the bottom of the hill - that's the roof of the potty shed that you see on the road. You can't even see the rest of the building. Needless to say, we went looking for a different campsite (and we found a really nice one!).

So I wanted to go walking down the road towards the main entrance to see where the water level was at there. This guy spotted me. He actually walked towards me for several steps before deciding that he needed to leave. Meanwhile, I was trying to decide if I could cross a dog and a deer for the perfect agility dog. They can jump!

We saw a few critters while we were there. This was an ITTY BITTY toad that I spotted - he was only about the size of a quarter, but was very, very brave while I got all up in his face taking pictures.
Then there were the Turkey Vultures. Seriously a LOT of TVs.
While we were taking pics of the TVs, this totally adorable goose family swam by. Baby geese are so extremely cute!
On one end of the park, they have bison and elk. On our way to see them, this little guy was sitting on the side of the road having breakfast.
There were deer everywhere. We never saw any large groups - just singles. We did see a pair of fawns on our way out of the park, but didn't get any pics. This is probably the best shot I got all weekend of the deer.
They have about a half dozen elk in one end of the park. Kinda lazy... LOL
They are supposed to have bison too, but this is the best proof I can get that they exist. I think there were two of them, but they never even moved!
So... did you know they have firewood vending machines? Stay tuned!!


Irene Tan aka Scrapperlicious said...

wow! What an awesome site to camp!! Gorgeous pics!!

tonya said...

Great photos. Okay you were right down the road from me and you didn't say hi???? What am I going to do with you?!?!?! LOL

Marsha said...

Cool shots!!!

scrappermimi said...

WOW! Looks like a great trip! I just love all those wildlife pictures. The frog and the jumping deer are so cool! TFS!

Leigh Anne said...

WOW!! you got some great shots there!! LOVE that one of the jumping deer NICE CATCH!!

dragonflys said...

what a beautiful place and beautiful shot's