Saturday, June 14, 2008

Karate Chicken!

After spending time with Tammy's ponies the other day, I had to visit the chicks and ducks. They are so funny. Let me tell you, they love their food - no question! I got them a handful of food so I could keep them out in the sun for some shots... This is our "villain" - the sneaky little ducks. They are the messiest little critters (look at their beaks!).
This is our "hero", McNugget. Yep, McNugget. He's Tammy's rooster and he loves his girlies.
Who wouldn't? They are cute cute cute!! Look at this face - how could you resist?
And they have the cutest little behinds:
So... McNugget and his girls are happily munching away on their chicken chow... minding their own business, when suddenly...
the duck gang shows up on chicken territory!!
Uh oh... McNugget is NOT going to take kindly to this duckie invasion...
Yep... off goes McNugget... time to defend his girlies and their food.That boy can move!! I love watching Tammy's chickens run - you'd be surprised how fast they are!
McNugget takes a bite out of crime!
Take THAT duck villain!!
Our hero conquers the duck villains once again!!


tonya said...

LOL, that is one brave rooster! So cute.

Tesa said...

LOL! Talk about ACTION!!! You should talk with people in Hollywood - you've got something here! And shots to prove it!

Irene Tan aka Scrapperlicious said...

LOL!!! This is so cute and funny! Awesome shots! What a cool story!!

Sandie Dunn said...

Very cool chickens! Love the ROOSTER shot! He's awesome!

dragonflys said...

love the action shot's great story