Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pony Time!

I like ponies... I like to look at them... I like to pet them... I like to watch OTHER people ride them. And... I like to take pictures of them. Everyone voted to go inside to run agility (the class I usually photograph), so I stayed outside with the ponies and the chickens. Meet Saphira and Adam. Tammy's ponies. Ok... they are NOT ponies. They are horses... big horses! This is Adam. He is very sweet, and if I was going to ride a pony, I would choose him.
This is Saphira. Isn't she pretty?
I love pony muzzles. They are so soft and actually rather cute!
I love pony eyes! They are fantastic with all those lashes and I would love to have eyes this brown! (they kinda remind me of chocolate! yummy!). Adam just looks so sweet and gentle. (ok - he really needs to wash his face!)

The wind was really blowing (which was why all the people went inside with their dogs to run agility). Saphira's mane kept blowing in her face - she has great hair!

Ah... the many faces of Saphira. That girl is something else! She kept chewing on Adam - who really didn't seem to mind all that much. Let me tell ya - I saw the size of those teeth. I'd mind. Speaking of teeth - do you think they make pony toothbrushes?

Stay tuned for Karate chicken!!! (you'll just have to check back to find out what I mean!!)


tonya said...

Great close ups. I'm wondering about the chickens though....

Irene Tan aka Scrapperlicious said...

These are awesome! I love horses! heehee! I'm also wau curious about that karate chicken!

dragonflys said...

omg how beautiful what a stunning color the horse is