Thursday, June 26, 2008

To Catch A Thief

How does one catch a thief? Run away!!! Yep - it really works. Phoenix decided last night in class to grab a toy (not his!) and run with it. A game of keep-away is only good if someone wants what you have. Well, Melinda (Phoenix's mom) doesn't play that game!! LOL. He grabbed the toy and ran to the opposite end of the ring. She promptly left the ring and went elsewhere - guess what Phoenix did?
Where is she going? Doesn't she want to play?
Wait! Come back and chase me!!!!Phoenix really is a good boy. He's just an adolescent male and has some growing up to do. He is going to be a REALLY nice agility and obedience dog for Melinda very soon. Here is a shot that I took of him in the weaves last night. Actually, it's a series of shots that I had fun with in Photoshop!!

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dragonflys said...

what gorgeous looking dog's