Saturday, January 26, 2008

I made a little trip to Iowa City today to take some pictures of the Black Angel at Oakland Cemetery. You can read her story here: A lot of my pictures from Iowa City were poorly exposed - I am trying to work in manual mode - so I headed out to a cemetery here in Cedar Rapids to try again and had much better luck. Then, I decided that I needed to head to Morgan Creek Park. You have all seen this shot - I have taken it several times, but the sun was just right. LOL.
mode: manual ~ f/22 ~ ISO-1600 ~ 20mm ~ 1/500
mode: manual ~ f/22 ~ ISO-200 ~ 18mm ~ 1/50
mode: manual ~ f/22 ~ ISO-280 ~ 48mm ~ 1/125
The Black Angel
You can really see the damage to her from vandalism in the second photo. I could tell that she was visited far more than any other spot in the cemetery. There were tons of footprints - you can see them in the first photo - I had only walked around her once at this point.
mode: manual ~ f/22 ~ ISO-250 ~ 32mm ~ 1/60 mode: manual ~ f/9 ~ ISO-200 ~ 19mm ~ 1/80
This photo was also taken in Iowa City at Oakland Cemetery and was VERY overexposed, but I still like the way it looked, so I increased the contrast and highlights in PSE 5.0.
mode: manual ~ f/6.3 ~ ISO-200 ~ 22mm ~ 1/80


Leigh Anne said...

the sun was just right in the landscape pic - great catch ;) - love the angel pics & the shadows on that 2nd cemetary pic ;) great job expirimenting

~Ane~ said...

Beautiful lightning! love the first one with the sun through the tees!

Sandie Dunn said...

Marsha! I think you did a great job on the exposure in manual mode! Way to go! Very nice graveyard shots! I like them a lot. And, I love your sun shot at the top too. ;) Keep your graveyard shots kicking around... they get really useful as overlays and blended into photoshop for a more gothic feel. Nice work girl!

scrapperlicious said...

stunning shots!