Friday, May 29, 2009


Hi All!! Vinnie here. I think it's time for me to blog. Here I am - one little Poodle - living with three sighthounds. They tell me that sighthounds hunt by sight, rather than scent (like they're all superior or something and a Poodle can't do it!). Okey dokey - so how do I go about hunting by sight? First I need to get secrets from the master... this means some sucking up.
He says I must run FAST... quick like a bunny. And I should practice a LOT. See my SHARP puppy teeth? I will use them to catch the RABBIT!!!

Practice pays off!!! I got the bunny!
I don't know why the old guy is giving me the stink eye... a blue rabbit is just as good as one of the brown ones.
Ok... I know it's not the real thing, but I need to start somewhere.
C'mon dude - pay attention - I need pointers!


Got Syzygy said...

Dear Vinnie, He can't very well give you pointers if you are standing on his HEAD!! Careful or you're going to poke an eye out! I sure hope you don't think you're going to treat ME that way when I give you swimming lessons. I'll dunk your little poodle bum! Speaking of bum....why is that hair still on your butt?
Mad Dog - PWD - Lion Trim

tervnmal said...

OK, you caught it. But did you kill it? We don't see any bunny-stuffing. You HAVE to de-stuff it. Robin and the IGs may not teach you that. We would be happy to.
Wild Phoenix & Uncle Jamie