Monday, May 25, 2009

Spring Cleaning

(Can you stand it? TWO posts in one day!) It's that time again - the Ames agility trial is next weekend and I decided that Shorty needed an overhaul of the interior. Frank, Betty and Vinnie will be going with me, so Robin's crate needed to come out to make more room. First step - empty and clean out Shorty. This is what he looks like without anything in him - seems like so much room!
Once everything was clean (heck, I even shampooed the carpets up front!), it was time to start adding stuff back in. First you need to decide on a crate configuration. This takes a lot of thought. The dogs need to be in the front of the van behind the driver's seat. Then two more crates for storage. The bottom crate is my closet (or junk drawer). All the stuff that would be rolling around my van in one spot - dog coats, rain suit, slip on shoes, clamps, bungees, fleece coat, etc... The top crate will have other misc stuff in it for the weekend. Then it's time to start putting in the larger items - ex-pen, chair, mesh screens, and blankets. Still seems like a lot of room, but later on this week I'll add: sleeping bag, camp mattresses, pillow, cooler, CB, lantern and anything else I can think of to make my "bedroom" more comfortable.


Got Syzygy said...

Hum....I hear Carrie calling your name!!! MEME!! Please come clean me out! Looks very nice! Thank you for the sleeping spot....where will YOU be sleeping?

tervnmal said...

Good for you, a clean van is a wonderful thing. Can't wait for Ames and Hickory Park!

Anonymous said...

You can save some room by not taking a lantern. You have Melinda and I hear she glows in the dark nowadays. Looks good.