Sunday, May 4, 2008

A few weekend photos...

Well, there wasn't anything too exciting going on during the week, but this weekend, I did manage to get a few shots. Yesterday, the Tulips were FINALLY in bloom. I love the color.
Last night, Brian asked if I wanted to go out this morning to take some pictures. It really didn't start out all that great - OBVIOUSLY someone has a dietary issue...
Can't really see it you say??? How's this? YUCK!!! Someone needs to bulk up their diet!!!
Anyway... on to more pleasant things. We started out going to Palisades (I am really really sure this was Brian's idea!! LOL). There was not much going on, except at the creepy house on the cliff... do you see it?
Here's a closer look - there are FIVE Turkey Vultures sunning themselves on the roof of the creepy house. I wanted them to fly so I could get some shots, but they were way too lazy. Selfish birds.
Then we decided to head to the Wikiup to see what was going on there... I am not sure how well you can see it online, but the goose on the right is totally shaking off a ton of water.
There were HUNDREDS of these little birds flying around. They were like ping pong balls on speed. I am not sure what they were, but JL they were FAST! I took about a hundred photos just trying to get SOMETHING in focus and managed to get a couple shots of them. I think birds are not my thing... I am gonig to become a professional turtle photographer!
Now this is more my speed. This little frog was just sunning itself on the decking at the pond - probably tired from watching all those little birds!
Then, on the way out I spotted this snake (ok... I better fess up since Brian reads my blog - HE spotted the snake!).


Irene aka scrapperlicious said...

These shots are fabulous! Eventhough there are!

Jane said...

fantastic shots!!! and so interesting!!!!

Tesa said...

Thanks for sticking my nose into that icky stuff! LOL! Great shots as always.