Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tammy decided that once was not enough - she wanted to run another 5K. (doesn't it take 27 times for something to become a habit?). So off we went to the Marion Arts Festival and their 5K. This is Tammy (in the middle) with a couple of her co-workers (all of them looking quite happy before the race).
This guy was across from the start... my advice? WALK - running is too much work!!
So... here we are at the start - how am I going to find Tammy in this mess???
Ah... here she is (in the middle of the picture in light orange):
Then we walked (very fast!) a few blocks down to a point in the race to get a few more shots... who knew former President Clinton was running?!?!?
Here she is at last!!! Now we can go back up the hill to the start/finish and wait for Tammy so we can EAT!!!It looks like they went to some blow-up place to get their finish - can't miss this one!! See the guy in the red hat? That's Dwayne (or is it Duane?) - another one of Tammy's co-workers. He RAN all the way from the southeast side to watch the race and then he was going to RUN all the way back home after!! Runners are NUTS!! LOL
Here she is again finishing the race. Dawn - this is for you - she doesn't look as happy as the first race, so she was REALLY running hard!!! Tammy was awesome and finished in an even 27 minutes!! Atta girl!!!