Wednesday, May 7, 2008

You've been shot!!!

Ok... not with a gun, but I'll bet Topper sure thought he was being shot at! I was at agility class again trying to get some shots of the dogs and Brian went along with his camera, so the dogs had the two of us "shooting at them". Talk about a drive-by!! LOL. It's good practice for us and a good distraction for the dogs since there will be photographers at the agility trials. It was (once again!!) very overcast tonight at class, but I messed with my settings a bit and got a few shots that I really like. Georgie's pic is the only one that I really messed with in CS3 - lightened up those shadows a bit. So this is Topper:
Jazz (I am getting good at telling all those white dogs apart!):


~Ane~ said...

these are awesome, I really like the top one, a samojed dog?? (not sure in english...) the dog really stands out in the picture!

Jane said...

Love the looks on the dogs as they come out!!! Nice shots!!

Irene aka scrapperlicious said...

these are beautiful shots!!

tonya said...

Wonderful photos!

las794 said...

The dogs seem to be having such fun!