Sunday, April 27, 2008

I ran my first 5K today!!!!

Yep... I ran my very first 5K today - here is a picture someone took of me:
Ok - seriously? No - not really. I do NOT remotely look like that!!! My friend Tammy decided that she was going to run a 5K with her sister Dawn. Since I am her official photographer for her "bucket list", I was there with bells on! So here is Tammy before the race... looks pretty happy, doesn't she?
And this is her sister Dawn (I'm not sure, but I think Dawn was conned into wearing the orange!!)
So then the horn sounded... if you click on the picture below and enlarge it, I want you to look at two things... 1. the number of people starting their little running watches and 2. the cute little girl over on the right (you'll see her later!)
So here are Tammy and Dawn right after the race starts... still looking pretty happy!
So... while we're waiting for Tammy and Dawn... here is the first runner at the finish. Three miles in 15 minutes 35 seconds!!! He doesn't even look tired!
And - here's the reason I can't run - little kids that would TOTALLY beat me!!! (remember her from the start?)And this cute little guy:
And, here's Tammy!! She STILL looks happy! Maybe there's something to this running thing?


Irene aka scrapperlicious said...

Wow! These are amazing pics and I love that you've included teh story behind it! It's so lively!

Jane said...

Great the narrative!!!