Sunday, April 13, 2008

Broke Back Yard Fencing!!

Yep... The fence in the backyard broke! We had a storm on Thursday that had a bit of wind with it and I came home at lunch to this. It didn't really register until I had already let Robin and Frank outside. Talk about a heart attack! It was still pretty cold and wet outside, so they were more than happy to come right back inside. Note all the water in the park - that's not normally there! Brian came home from work early and propped the fence back up... then we put it up again at 10 pm and he put it up again the next day.
This was getting a little old pretty quick, so I ran to the Theissens and picked up a roll of snow fence and voila!! A room with a view - see the water is all gone in the park:

Now why did I want the fence fixed so badly? My photo evidence is the little monsters coming hell bent for election off the deck every time you let them out:
See how green our grass is getting?
Hopefully the fence will get fixed for real pretty soon. The insurance adjuster should be coming out this week to take a look (and hopefully tell us they will pay for at least part of it!!).


Tracey said...

Sorry to hear about the fence, I hope your insurance coughs up, what a lovely view you have though XXX

Irene aka scrapperlicious said...

Marsha, I'm so sorry about your fence!! But still those pics are so pro and awesome!! Hope you get everything sort out with the insurance soon! Hugs!

Susan Goetter said...

Sorry about the your "babies" loved it!!!

StrawberryPia said...

A room with a view! The kids must have loved it! :)

Jane said...

Love the running dogss!!! Isn't the green grass wonderful????!!!