Monday, April 14, 2008

Frank's Turn

Well, Betty had her time in the sun, so here I am... uh... it's me... Frank. Spring is FINALLY here!! Let me introduce you to one of the many joys of warm weather... the ROLL!! First you find a nice warm spot in the sun, then you get a nice little shoulder action going:

Then you do a little face rubbing. Try to pick up as much scent from the ground as you can - dad gets really excited about this!! LOL
This is where you will start to develop your own technique. I prefer a nice big full body roll:

Now there are some "others" than don't understand the finer points of a good roll. Robin is one of them. Here you can see him checking on me to make sure everything is ok. OK? It's HEAVEN!!!

A good roll will result in a state of pure BLISS:

After your roll is complete, I highly recommend a good full body shake to remove any evidence... just in case you live with humans (like my dad) that are not quite so understanding about the nuances of a good roll.

Hey... I never said you would look good!!!


Irene aka scrapperlicious said...

these shots are sooo cute and awesome! Love all of it!

tonya said...

Very cute!

Jane said...

Too funny!! nice series!!!

Tracey said...

LOl the captions to these great pics put a smile on my face today, thanks for sharing XXX