Monday, March 7, 2011

It's the little things...

It's the little things in life that make you happy. The things that bring you joy. They don't have to be large extravagant things. The simple things are usually the best things. What brings me joy? Target's cinnamon coffee cake muffins for breakfast every morning!

Want to know what else brings me joy? My dog being able to wear his coat while he pees. I'll bet you weren't expecting that, were you? It's one of the joys of having an IG. They need coats. When you take them out at an agility trial and it's bitterly cold, they need to actually wear them. Now, this is no problem for Betty in all her girly-ness, but Frank has always had a problem with, uh, "soiling" his coat when he urinates due to his outdoor plumbing set up. He has a really deep chest and it tends to get in the way.

One of our clients has IGs. They are actually the same family that gave me Tessie (nice family!!). They have coats by Voyagers K9 Apparel for their girls and every time they came in I would always wonder if they would work for Frank. I called the company Thursday and explained my concerns. I was assured that Frank would not be able to mess his coat. I ordered the coat and it came today (Voyagers is in Wisconsin).

Frank thinks he is the hottest thing on four legs (he's right):

He took it for a little test drive:

The front is made of a really nice, thick fleece and has a little hole at the base of the neck in back to attach your leash to the collar if needed. The fleece comes all the way up to his ears and covers them or it can be scrunched down. I think he kind of likes having a hood!

And for you curious sorts: I put the coat on Frank at lunch before letting him outside and, yes, he can wear his coat outside! Remember... it's the little things!


Smooth Sailin Agility said...

SEXY!!! Love the snoodle!!

tervnmal said...

He is stylin'! I think you found the ultimate weasel coat.