Sunday, February 27, 2011

Before and After

I love before and afters. Home makeovers. People makeovers. Business makeovers. It's all good. Any kind of before and after pictures are great. Show me what you've done, but you need to give me a picture of where you started so I can be suitably impressed :-)

So, this morning, it was time for Vinnie to get groomed (again!). I thought a before and after picture would be good as I was planning on taking off a lot of that hair he's been carrying around all winter. Time to go back to a nice sporting clip (short body, longer legs blended into the body). This is the before. His hair was longer around his neck, shoulders and chest area (2-3 inches long in places) and getting shorter as you go towards his tail where it was about 3/4" long.

And here is the after. My first picture was taken at 10:07am and the second at 1:03pm. I usually only take about two hours to groom him, but I was taking my time and trying to get things "right".

He is now squeezable, hugable and smells so good!

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