Saturday, March 12, 2011

More art...

After moving some framed pieces around in the living room, I had an empty space on my wall that just screamed for a little bit of Poodle art. I could not find anything I liked online that would fit the area, so I called Kathy Davidson to see what she could do for me. She did a watercolor of Tammy's Seeker that I absolutely love.

I had her do a 16x20 of my very favorite photo of Vinnie. She also looked through some photos that I had of Vinnie on my website and asked if she could do one of him as a puppy. I could not turn that down!! So here is the smaller piece that she did of Vinnie.

You don't get to see the large piece until I get it framed and hung, but I have to say... it's GORGEOUS!!

The original photo:

Kathy's original:

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tervnmal said...

That's beautiful! What a little maniac. She is very talented.