Friday, April 17, 2009

WARNING!!! (seriously!!)

Ok - this is your official warning - the photos in this post are probably offensive to some folks. I feed raw to my dogs - they love it - I love how they look and act on it. They wolf it down in about ten seconds flat (seriously) and the poops are tiny. Gotta love that. So... there are different types of raw feeding. Personally, I feed a pre made mix from Nature's Variety ( The dogs do fantastic on it and it's easy to find.
My folks were in Florida for the last two months and brought back a bunch (120 pounds!) of raw for their dogs and ours. I got a case and there is some thawing in the refrigerator right now. This is Blue Ridge Beef ( The lean beef is supposed to be a favorite, so that's what the kids will get to try first - not that it really matters to them - I think a ten second meal really doesn't allow for a whole lot of tasting. Another type of raw feeding is whole carcass feeding - use your imagination - it's just what it sounds like.

So... back to the gross part (Brian - stop reading here!!!). I came home from work today and let the dogs out while I changed out of my uniform. I checked on the dogs and noticed that Frank had something hanging from his chin. Now there is never really anything in the yard, so if they think there is something good enough to eat and it's big enough for me to see across the yard, I tend to get a little frantic (I'm paranoid about the thought of something unsafe getting in the yard). I calmly (yep - totally calm) went out to the yard to see what Frank had. It was fuzzy and blowing from his chin like a little goatee. I look at the ground and there is "something" laying in front of Frank - a body part of some sort. A closer look... it's a bunny leg!! Yuck and it's NOT fresh! So now I have three dogs that want the bunny leg and one bunny leg that needs to be disposed of. Ugh - I pick up the bunny leg and take it to the yardy. Whew...

Then I get thinking (I'm not always very good at this!). Bunny legs rarely travel on their own... Ugh. The fuzz, bunny leg and Frank were all in front of the wood racks - we have a fireplace and Brian has a really nice set up in the back yard for the wood - doesn't it look nice? There's a ton of wood under those tarps! So, I decided that a look around for the rest of Mr Bunny was in order... (this is your FINAL warning - Brian - stop reading!!!!)Yep - it was behind the wood racks - the dogs like to race around them and there is just enough room for them to get between the wood racks and the fence. It looks like something (NOT the dogs!!) got the bunny or it died under the wood racks over the winter and the dogs got it out. He had two lucky feet, but they weren't working!!
V8 headslap here... this would explain the bit of bone that Frank threw up a few nights ago... it looked a bit large to have come from the ground mix that I feed. So... I think maybe I have been doing some whole carcass feeding and I just didn't know it.


Anonymous said...

You could warn Brian to stop reading!!! What about me. This brought a huge "flashback"!. Funny thing though I was at Menards tonight and saw some bunny yard statues - I think you should go get one.

tervnmal said...

That's it, my dogs sooooo want to come live at your house. Whole carcass feeding, their ultimate fantasy!

Got Syzygy said...

Don't forget to cut those ears off....they are GREAT dehydrated!! Wonder if it tastes like chicken?