Saturday, April 11, 2009

Busy Day...

Well... it's 9:20pm and I'm ready for bed! It's been a busy day for sure. I started out leaving the house at nine this morning to shoot an Easter egg hunt. Ashley (a co-worker) was taking her daughter to the Easter egg hunt and I asked if I could go along to take some photos. Let me tell you, these things are NOT for the faint of heart! Those parents (yep, the parents) are serious! I saw at least a couple moms and dads dragging their kids by the arm pointing out the candy and eggs to their kids. The whole thing took about ten minutes from start to finish. I got lots of great shots of Olivia hunting for the eggs. Then we all came back to our house for Ashley's maternity shoot. She is 7 1/2 months pregnant and perfect for photos right now. We have been planning this for months! (more about that later...). After Ashley left, we put a couple steaks and some spuds on the grill - YUMMY!!!!!!! We decided after gorging ourselves, we ought to burn some calories, so we cleaned out the flower beds. Here's the before:

And the after - this took about an hour - and there are plants under there!!
We even found a couple flowers!
Now... about that maternity shoot... Brian was in charge of lighting and I was the shooter/poser. I am so stinkin' proud of these photos!! Here's one of my favorites. You'll have to go to my website to see the rest: (look under portraits).


tervnmal said...

Love the bow, what a clever idea!

Really, if I'd thought about it, you could have done a cardiac critical care unit shoot for me. LOL

Anonymous said...

Super pics Marsha. You are so smart. My favorite was the little shoes on her belly. Very cute.