Saturday, April 25, 2009

How to clean a tunnel... or NOT

A couple weeks ago at agility class, Betty was really having some issues with the tunnel. She didn't want to go into it at all. Plus, I know she's not very comfortable with me rear crossing the tunnel - this is on my list of things we are going to work on this summer. So, I decided to drag the tunnel out from under the deck. It is absolutely filthy. There are leaves and spider nests and all kinds of nasty things stuck to it and in it. I remembered Tammy saying that she and Bill had taken their tunnels to the car wash to clean them. Off to the car wash! Since it's kinda nasty and rainy today, I'll have the place all to myself!! Now, obviously, I am not going to be putting that tunnel in my precious Shorty (yep - my minivan has a name!). In the truck it goes:I get to the car wash and I do, indeed, have the whole place to myself. I pulled the truck through a bay and rolled the tunnel out all ready to wash. I am all ready to deposit a wealth of quarters in this dandy machine - so what setting do YOU wash your tunnel on?? I ended up opting for a high pressure soap (no clear coat protectant thankyouverymuch!!)
Did you know that car washes use WARM water???? Me either!! And thank doG they do, cause it was getting colder and I was getting wetter by the minute! (FYI - they really MEAN high pressure - that water can shred the skin right off your hands!) There has to be a trick to washing a tunnel - I was soaked from head to toe in seconds and the tunnel was not any cleaner! About half way through, I abandoned my glasses to the tailgate of the truck (note to self: do NOT squash your only pair of glasses with that tunnel when you put it back in the truck!!!) Trust me - these jeans are absolutely SOAKED!! However, my feet are nice and toasty warm (and dry!!) thanks to my LL Bean stormchaser clogs! I love these things!!
Doesn't my tunnel look fantastic??? (it's still a bit dirty, but it's a HUGE improvement)
Now, I am soaked to the skin and need to drive back home. I think I saw a towel in the Brian's truck... nope - just a rug and a tiny bit of paper towels. If I had had my van, I would have had multiple blankets, a whole roll of paper towels, at least two towels AND my rain suit! Oh well - it's amazing how much you can dry off with three paper towels and I sat on the rug on the way home!
Ok - I DID consider this for just a minute when I realized that I didn't have a towel!!
Oh yeah... does anyone ever think about those drains and what is down in them???


tervnmal said...

How many quarters does it take to wash a tunnel, anyway? Did you give it a spot-free rinse?

Smooth Sailin Agility said...

I LOVE stories with PICTURES!!!! Make it MUCH easier to "focus ester"!!!!! Great idea!! Mine need to make another trip. I find it's hard to stay dry as well. It's kind of fun rolling them across the bay with the power washer however! G

Anonymous said...

Maybe there could be a group outing with multiple tunnels. I'm sure it would make good blog material. Maybe the "flip" would help tell the story. It looks nice!