Sunday, July 1, 2012


My goal this weekend was to get Frank some time on working vehicles. There are four "elements" to Nose Work: interior, exterior, containers and vehicles. I am feeling really good about his work in all the elements except vehicles. We have not spent nearly enough time working on them. Friday we took the truck and the van to an empty parking lot to practice (the neighbor has dogs that run loose on occasion, so I won't practice vehicles at home). Frank did awesome. He is really seeing value in the vehicles now.

We went to the elementary school today to practice. I had driven by and noticed that they had a skid loader and a large truck filled with bricks that I wanted to use. Frank really did will today - the "weird" vehicles were no issue. Unfortunately, the humidity messed with the camera and all the footage is just fog.

But, I do have video from Friday:
(thanks for the music Tammy!!)


fan23 said...

Fun stuff. Will Frank be one of those drug sniffing dogs at the airport? Good job Frank! (you too Marsha).

Smooth Sailin Agility said...

You have just GOT to wonder what other people thought was going on!! Drug search? Bomb Dog? Little Frank needs some extra IMPRESSIVE clothes for these adventures!! G
What a GOOD BOY!!

Smooth Sailin Agility said...

BTW - This IS one of my favorite songs!!! (':