Friday, October 14, 2011

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Happy 9th Birthday to Frank and Betty!! Here's a little blast from the past... a litter of seven named after the glamorous era of movie stars:

Ch Razzo Femme Fatale Bellagio JC (Ava)
Ch Razzo Pin-Up Girl Bellagio AX, MXJ, NJP, NF (Betty)
Ch Razzo Blondebombshell Bellagio RAE, JC, NJP (Marilyn)
Ch Razzo Big Screen Bad Boy Bellagio (Bogie)
Razzo Dobiegillis Bellagio (Dobie... the boy without a tail)
Razzo Chairman Of The Board Bellagio MX, MXJ, MXP4, MJP4, PAX, OF (Frank)
Razzo Screen Siren Bellagio JC (Sophia)

(you can't miss Frank - he's the one in all the pictures with the big white mark on the back of his neck)

At eight months old (left to right):
Mom Emma, Betty, Dad Pinto, Ava, Sophia, Dobie, Bogie and Frank
(Marilyn was in Minnesota)

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tervnmal said...

Baby weaselettes are adorable!

Happy b-day Frank and Bette!

Jamie sends nose-pokes to Frank, his li'l red buddy.