Sunday, October 2, 2011

Good Weekend!!

The boys had a great weekend. Frank Q'd five out of six times (number six was totally my fault! Sorry Frank!!). Vinnie ran in jumpers on Saturday and Sunday and did great!! We NQ'd on Saturday cause I was too busy running and not doing enough watching. Sorry Vinnie!! Sunday we managed to get it all together!

Good boy Vinnie!!!


Shane Kent Louis said...

Congratulations! we're so proud of you as you friends! Woof! keep up the good work! Woof!

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Anonymous said...

You guys rocked it Marsha. Love your patience with him. Congrats.

Got Syzygy said...

SUPER!!!! What a good boy...oh, and you too! Plenty of time for that front cross!!!!

tervnmal said...

Horray for the Wonder Weasel and . . . what am I going to call Vinnie? Um . . . maybe . . . Vinnie! Good job!

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Way to go on a really successful weekend!