Sunday, April 10, 2011

Good boy Vinnie!

Vinnie and I went to a three day obedience/rally trial this weekend and Vinnie got his RN!! I am very proud of him. We definitely have some homework! He is so distracted by things around him on the floor - especially dust/hair (or a random hole in the mat!). I would think he'd be used to dust bunnies since we train in the living room a lot - apparently not, as he felt the need to EAT one on Sunday during our turn in the ring. Does this mean I have an excuse to stop sweeping?

Sheryl McCormick got this great shot of him on Saturday (thanks Sheryl!!):


Smooth Sailin Agility said...

OMG!! That is hysterical! He looks ready to ATTACK!! It's a new 'heel position', VINNIE style!! Glad your 'hamster' did well!!

I heard from another source (short legged blue colored dog), that the ribbons they didn't have 'new title' ribbons. VBG

tervnmal said...

Awesome pic! He was fab and so were you! Give the dust-bunny eating critter a cookie from me.

Note to self: include dust-bunny distraction on class agenda.