Friday, January 29, 2010

It's very rare that I cook - I am NOT, repeat NOT, Martha Stewart, Paula Dean, Rachel Ray, Cat Cora, or any of those other brilliant TV chefs. I enjoy watching THEM cook very much (usually while munching on some non healthy, pre-made snack food!). Today was one of those rare days. I got this recipe from a co-worker and since it sounded, well, me-proof, I gave it a shot. The dish starts with BBQ chips (seriously!)

Two boneless chicken breasts, split and trimmed:

and some melted butter:

Crush up the chips - Next time I do this, I will crush them up a bit more - they were a bit coarse and didn't stick to the chicken as well as I would have liked.

Coat the chicken in butter and roll in the chips - note there are only three pieces here to head for the oven... There was not much room in the pan for the last piece, so it got cut up for the dogs... YUMMY!!
After an hour in the oven at 350 degrees: It was pretty moist and very tasty. You could also try this with regular chips and add some different seasonings to them. Martha will probably try this with her weird vinegar chips!! Ewwwwww!!!


Anonymous said...

So really - what time is supper?

Smooth Sailin Agility said...

OMG!!! Why did you have to give Martha that idea!! What a way to ruin PERFECTLY good chicken! Looks very yummy! Good job you!

tervnmal said...

That looks awesome! And they would be super delicious with salt and vinegar chips! Thanks for the idea!

Cyndee Gonzalez said...

I love your idea, I can actually taste the baked crispy "potato chip-buttered chicken." Thanks for blogging and sharing - Cyndee