Monday, January 4, 2010

Bad to the Nylabone...

I wanted a Flip to use for training - watching my agility runs and all that, but... I have been having more fun just filming the every day stuff these guys do.

What NOT to do... don't teach your puppy that slippers are a fun toy. Vinnie LOVES these slippers. I would feel more inclined to put a stop to the behavior if it carried over to other shoes or he did it when I was actually walking, but he only shows interest in them if I am sitting down or if I am not wearing them. Really, a behavior like this could turn into a very bad thing... Tammy, you know which dog I am thinking of... I'd have to keep treats in my pockets :-)

From yesterday... another fun time was had by all (well... Vinnie) in the snow:
Thanks for the toy Auntie Michele!!

Gotta luv the Wubba! Thanks Melissa - it doesn't squeak!


tervnmal said...

Love it! Phoenix wants to come to your house and play with the OTHER slipper. You have two, right?

Tell Vinnie his cool ball on a rope is from Auntie Michele.

Got Syzygy said...

I personally wouldn't let Nix anywhere NEAR that other SLIPPER! Did you see any stuff toys that 'lived' at his house! Best place for that 2nd slipper is safely on top of the fridge with that 'FAT CAT'!

AgilityIG said...

OOPS!!!!!! Sorry Auntie Michele!!! Got that fixed!!