Saturday, June 27, 2009


Martha - this is your fault! Vinnie is obsessed with eggs - not the kind you cook and eat. The kind that comes out of a stuffed alligator. The kind that comes with EXTRA eggs. Martha gave Vinnie this cute little green and yellow alligator that has an opening in his belly and you can put his little yellow squeaky eggs inside. He can fit three eggs and came with a spare two. Vinnie could care less about that alligator - it is totally pristine. But the eggs... oh the eggs, now that is another story. They are everywhere: in the house, in the van, in the yard... I found one under the deck yesterday. Vinnie likes to spend time with his eggs. He'll give ya the stink eye if you think about taking them
He contemplates their existence (so was it the chicken or the egg?) He will moisturize them - yuck - they get a little slimey - but at least this one is clean (for now).

He LOVES to retrieve them - you can throw them pretty far.
He will squeak them - NONSTOP Martha!! A few of them don't have the ability to squeak any more :-)
But... he sure does love them.
Thanks Auntie Martha!!


tervnmal said...

Phoenix agrees - egg ROCK! His alligator is also still pristine after two years. The eggs? Not so much. Now I know what to get my little nephew Vinnie for Christmas. More SQUEAKY eggs!

Got Syzygy said...

Thumbs up for eggs!!!! Just as long as he doesn't get broody and try to hatch a few!!! G