Friday, June 17, 2011

Dog Dreams Toys

Vinnie loves his egg babies. He will always love his egg babies. They have a special place in his heart. BUT, it's really really hard to play tug with an egg baby. Meet Vinnie's newest love - his sheepskin tuggie:
I was looking for a ring shaped tug and found Marjorie Trebino and her Dog Dreams Toys. Marjorie makes the best toys out of sheepskin and rabbit.
I convinced her to make a ring toy for me as I find them easier to hang on to when Vinnie is tugging. This is what she came up with and we LOVE it!!
Thanks Marjorie!!!


tervnmal said...

Phoenix loves his bunny tug from Dog Dreams. He really loves it. He really, REALLY loves it. It is getting a little raggedy, he loves it so much. Ah, a malinois and his bunny tug . . . how sweet is that?

Shenna Lemche AKA Project Leader said...

Vinnie found heaven on earth! Happy kid!! He is so cute.

Debra & Snap said...

I purchased two Dream Toys from Margorie and just love them! The furry with 2 squeakers has a bungie cord on each end which is nice for my arthritic hands! Snap loves it as it has held up wonderfully with all her tuggy!