Sunday, December 12, 2010

ICDOC 2010

ICDOC (Iowa City Dog Obedience Club) had another successful trial. It is always a great trial with lots of good friends, food and FUN!! This year our days were color coded. Friday was orange. Saturday was pink. Sunday was red. Saturday's pink was for breast cancer awareness. Jeff made some fantastic agility equipment (I REALLY REALLY wanted the weaves, but they went to Tony O. in Minnesota - I offered to store them for her, but she declined) and they made over $1000 for the Susan G Komen foundation!! Here's a little sample of our weekend:

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tervnmal said...

Love the movie! You should do them more often! (Yeah, like they don't take ANY time at all.)

"Jump" is one of Phoenix's theme songs.

What a fun weekend for everyone and hug that PAX weasel for me.