Sunday, May 23, 2010


I FINALLY got some flowers planted in front of the house. The back yard is off limits - that belongs to the dogs and the agility equipment. Here is the "before":

After planting eighteen Coleus and nine Sweet Potato Vine:

This is the Coleus - I cannot remember what it's called, but I think it looks really nice with the green Sweet Potato Vine.

Three more Coleus and six black Sweet Potato vine next to the door.
This was a little different, but I could not resist the Lantana - I LOVE Lantana. Hopefully it will get along with the pink Wave Petunia! I think they'll have enough sun next to the driveway.
Aren't they cute?


tervnmal said...

Those are going to look great! Love the lantana, too.

Maybe your neighbor Rilda Sue will share some of her petunias with you.

Got Syzygy said...

Just don't cross that petunia with any of your lantana!! Beware of Rilda offering free plants! Your coleus are very pretty....whichever ones they are. It's amazing the colors they come in now!

Ann Flowers said...

What a beautiful garden! I would have loved to walk there, and see all the gorgeous flowers! Thanks for sharing