Friday, March 26, 2010

It's time for my monthly post...

Yep... I finally got around to posting again - I am not a responsible poster!!

Frank and Vinnie and I went to the DMOTC trial last weekend and Frank did really well. He was VERY brave (no Betty to rely on for moral support - she stayed home). I picked out a couple of my favorite runs - Frank really does seem to be getting braver (is that a word?) the more we go to trials. He only gives the crowd a little look as he gets close to the fencing and the people and is getting faster as he gets more confident. What a good boy!

Vinnie was also a VERY good boy. His focus is getting SO much better. He is still very easily distracted, but recovers and gives attention much more quickly. He's getting there!

His scruffiness:


Got Syzygy said...

Great choice of MUSIC!! Good boy FRANKLIN!!!

tervnmal said...

He is a d*mn fine brave weasel! Red dogs rock! Love the music, too.